Gentlemen get so stoned on top of England's highest mountain they can't walk and need rescue team


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“Rescue helicopter, stat! And Doritos. Doritos and a rescue chopper. At the very least the Doritos. Quickly, please.”


I was been the subject of a SAR operation last year, where I was required to cover some of the costs of my rescue, (ankle injury in a remote wilderness area in Washington State,) but I know that the requirements vary from state to state even within the US, and I don’t know how similar operations are run throughout the UK. Does anyone here have experience or knowledge of how these things work in that area?


That was either some hella good weed, or they packed in 10 kilos of concentrated edibles.

Or there was something besides cannabis involved…

Glad they’re safe, hope they learn something.


Is the photo of the mountain in question? Maybe they should have just rolled down…


While I agree they should rescue anyone who needs it, if it is 100% their fault for the reason it was need, I think they should help reimburse the cost. I’m all for people drinking and smoking, but don’t be an idiot about it.

Also, since I don’t use it, how long would they have been out of commission? Could they have just waited an hour or two and then come down?




I’ve been up there, and I wouldn’t.

Anyone want to roll down that?


Well, it was intended as a joke, but obviously I wouldn’t expect anyone to opt for the steep face over the longer slope.


Romulan Grapefruit will do that.


so I always wondered if there was a high that was too high. mystery solved.


3210ft?! That’s the tallest mountain? That’s barely a hill in many countries.


Except for a couple of the steeper* bits, YES! Adding to bucket list.

There’s walking tours and climbing tours and biking tours; I wonder if anyone has yet realized the business opportunity of a rolling-down-Scafell-Pike tour.

* Presumably the titular gentlemen were on a steep part. Or believed themselves to be.


If it really was just smoked weed, yeah, probably an hour or two. If it was really strong edibles though, then they might actually have been incapacitated for maybe half a day.


That’s a mountain?


Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire is roughly the same height, and I can guarantee you lots of people are getting stoned somewhere on it every day.


MRT volunteers putting themselves at risk

Sounds hyperbolic for a mountain you can walk in and out (not stoned, that is)


I would like to volunteer to test whatever dank materials incapacitated these poor gentlemen, for Science! of course (cough)

And it would have been far cheaper to simply use a drone to airlift them a couple bags of Doritos and a walkie talkie mb (smooth jazz tones fill the air and a mellow voice begins giving them directions ‘First, sit down and take a deep breath, let it out slowly and have another crisp and taken another deep breath. Lay back and watch the clouds, so calming. In an hour we’ll walk you through walking down, mmm hmmm? ok, yeah’)


It’s not, considering that people have died up there when bad weather came in (and considering it’s Cumbria, that would be most of the time), and the weather can change very quickly there. Try walking through a boulder field on a mountain when the cloud is low and you are looking for a couple of stoned idiots some time.


Didn’t they make a movie out of that?