German newspapers go back to Google after winning right to be excluded from it


Hmm… The service is so valuable to us that we can’t stay away from it; but we expect Google to pay us for the privilege of providing that valuable service in the future. That’s…totally sensible… in an insane world where you have a divine right to profit.


Like Big Cinema, Big News is just another of the many older businesses providing the laughter track for the Internet Age.


I saw a similar story a few months ago, but it was one of the Murdoch papers. Kind of sucks when you threaten to take your ball home, and everybody says, “seeya!”

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I wonder when they will figure out that Google should be charging them to be included in News…

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Face meets palm at mach 1

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This should soon become a two-way street:
The papers ask Google to pay for populating news aggregations with snippets of their content…
and Google asks for a percentage of the paper’s ad revenue as a referral fee for any click-through!

Fair 'nuff!!!

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I like it if it ends up being a net exchange, but with a ton of extra costs for the bookkeeping!

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Germany is quite different from other parts of the world in how it compensates people for work. Professional people’s efforts are expensive in Germany.

Did you know any YouTube video containing any music, or snippet of music is blocked in Germany? The rights collection agency cannot come to an agreement with Google.

Hey, I’d tell the publishers: you wanted so badly to be excluded, you’ve won.

Now we don’t want you back.

this guys are nuts

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