Germany using NSA tools. Does it matter?

Saw this today:

1st comment at is basically, why isn’t anyone bothered.

Does it matter?

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It’s on the front pages for a few weeks now here in Germany. Merkel and her cohorts are using some sort of salami tactic to delay public outrage and confirm/comment/admit only on those facts that the media are digging (or Snowden leaking) out and can no longer hidden. Big federal election is coming in a few month and Merkel is probably trying to stall this scandal until then.

Survey shows that more than 70% of the german public is quite miffed about the spying and especially about Merkels way of handling the situation. Problem is that of those 70% only less than 25% say that this issue will influence their voting decision.


It’s amazing. Why don’t people care?

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