Get a fully refurbished and certified Dell desktop computer at a huge savings

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Powered by the reliable performance of an Intel Quad-Core i5 processor with 16MB of memory

This is going to be great in 1995 (which also happens to be the last time Dell was relevant).


“16MB of memory, it’s more than up to the task of handling everything from everyday web surfing and correspondence to hardcore multitasking using multiple apps at once.”

That’s four times what my 386 had!

Even so, 16GB is pretty standard these days, not really “hardcore”. I have art files that take a machine with 32GB to load.

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I spent my $1,200 stimulus plus $700 I saved when I got extra SNAP benefits and bought a Mac Mini with an 8th generation i5, 16GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, a 4TB portable hard drive, 27" Dell monitor. I’ve installed Windows 10 Pro Education 64, but have now decide to try Mac OS exclusively. It’s FAST

The most important component of any computer today is a Solid State Drive (SSD) for the OS. Even a brand new computer can feel old and janky without one.

I know I’m preaching to the quire here but the marketing for computer specs really grinds my gears.

Most consumers are unlikely to know the difference between ssd/hdd and to make maters worse the details are glossed over with descriptions like the above “It also comes with a massive 1TB of storage space” Diging into the specs sheet doesn’t help much, this is listed as “Storage Drive: 1TB SATA” This doesn’t explicitly say it but I can tell you NOT SSD.

If you are considering buying a computer and don’t know the difference between ssd/hdd please find someone who does. Actually most computers built in the last 10-15 years can spring back to life with a 30-50$ investment in hardware.


aww, I like my Dell laptops, I buy em cheap off ebay with the hard drives removed and a few years antiquated. Sturdy enough for the abuse I give them, nice enough keyboards, and the internals are pleasant to fiddle with. If I ever have real money I might even spring for a modern XPS model, there’s a lot to like there.

Yup. A quick poke around on Ebay finds you an i7 with at least the same RAM, an Nvidia 1050 and an SSD for about the same money. I found one that throws in a free janky keyboard & monitor for 290 quid.

I just finished setting up one of these for my parents and it really is a pretty decent machine. The only one thing about it that I found ridiculous is that it did not have an HDMI port.

It was hardcore back in 2010 when the parts for this were manufactured.

Yep. 2010.

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