Get my card trick book for 99 cents - today only

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@frauenfelder Why only give us an hour and change to pull the trigger on the $0.99 deal?

Your post says, “today”.

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Because I forgot until just now.

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Just got a copy! Looking forward to gleaning the advice within :slight_smile:

Welp! Even world famous makers/bloggers/ziners put their pants on one leg at a time!

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(Imagine he’s saying “Magic!” at the end of that gif.)


You don’t have to imagine! He IS saying magic!!! You know why? Because…


The cover is cute - at last somebody uses the word “hack” to mean “hack.”

Is a physical version forthcoming? In time for gift-giving season? I know a nine-year-old who doesn’t have a kindle who could be getting this with a carton of bicycles.

Sure, but were these hacks for hacking up a deck written by a hack?

Crud, now the cat’s hacking right over my shoes…

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