Get oddly satisfied with this cinnamon bark-peeling video

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This looks like Korintje or Cassia (cinnamomum burmannii), not true cinnamon (cinnamomum verum). For most Americans, this is what we think of as cinnamon, but for pretty much everyone else it has to be sold under a different name. Only true Ceylon can be called cinnamon most places.


I wonder what they do with the scalped logs? Can you imagine using that for lumber?


The logs aren’t really big enough for large things, especially true of Ceylon cinnamon, but it’s fairly common to find bowls and carved objects. It’s pretty much as aromatic as you might suspect which can be good or bad depending whether or not you want your stuffed to be cinnamon infused. Often in the states what might be called cinnamon wood is actually sassafras.

This video in particular feels a little gruesome watching the poor thing get skinned like that. :wink:


I love me some ear wax removal videos!

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Cork harvesting is fascinating too:

(and doesn’t kill the tree)


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