Get the complete Arduino starter kit & course bundle for 85% off

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Does anyone have any experience with the three courses that are included? I can pick up the ARDX starter kit from Amazon for a couple bucks less, but it doesn’t include the courses. Are the courses well done and helpful?

No personal experience, but the INSTRUCTOR section of the course has a link to more details about the course, including reviews. E.g.

OK, that’s pretty sleazy advertising, and I’d like to expect better from BB. (I know, I know, call me naive)

Billing it as 85% off, when you’re paying full price for the hardware, and the courses are enormously overpriced, just so they can be discounted, is really sleazy. Seriously, did you sell any copies of those courses at full price? I really doubt it, and if you haven’t marking them up beyond all reason just so you can have a permanent “sale” is pretty obnoxious.

I don’t have a problem with people charging for courses, and I’ve bought a couple courses on Udemy, which were very good, which each contain far more content than these three could possibly have, combined, for ~$50 each.


I went for it.
I should have the read comments, I guess, but I’m supposed to take training for work so I’ll write this up.

I’m not saying it’s a bad deal. It looks like a pretty good deal, just their advertising for is it sleazy.

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