Getting deplatformed from Apple. “Your account has been permanently disabled. There is nothing else you can do, there is no escalation path.”

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That sucks but it seems like you’re asking for trouble buying gift cards from a 3rd party.


Apple giveth to the faithfull and Apple taketh away from the sinners.
All hail Apple.


I feel like there was a misstep in the escalation process here. I’d had apple accounts locked before for various reasons. It was always rather straightforward (note: not always easy) to get them unlocked. And it never effected any other devices, just itunes itself.


He should use my distributed approach–a mix of Apple, Microsoft, and Google. By using a seemingly random purchasing and subscription pattern, I’m not overly vulnerable to any one company or service.

The downside is that nothing ever works right and I can never figure out what’s causing the problem, and my multi-platform approach means I’m somewhat vulnerable to all malware. Also, it’s triple the maintenance.


All Hail Eris! I love this new world where even the rich and powerful can be brought low by bureaucracy. Although it’s telling that the “Good Ol’ Boy’s network” still works as expected.

See also: 3-2-1 rule.


This is why I purchase CDs. Actual hard copy CDs. I own them.


No kidding. The call center guy says there’s no escalation path, but I guess that’s not true if you’re the kind of guy that can just email Tim Cook.


He invested $15k into the Apple ecosystem over the years with the assumption that he would be treated fairly for loyalty


Tim Cook’s email is publicly known so its not like he had to pull strings to get it. Getting lucky that he’ll read it and take it seriously is a different thing but i have heard of him taking care of issues several times in the past.

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I’ve burned iTunes purchased MP3s to disc and reimported them to remove the DRM. I know there’s probably some loss in quality there but I can’t tell.


Treated fairly for loyalty? Where does this person live? When do they live?
And from Apple ? “You’re holding it wrong” Apple, “Your headphones use a jack, too bad” Apple ?


And he shouldn’t have worn a short skirt like that. <END Sarc>


If it comes with a EULA, you don’t OWN it. Your future use is at the sufferage of the people that you paid

Even if you don’t own the copyrights to the work embodied on the CD, at least your rights are limited by copyright LAW, not the whims incorporated by a contract of adhesion.


Anyone else happen to catch “Iron Sky: The Coming Race” ? (It’s not nearly as bad as some of the reviews would suggest.) Recent as it is, its charming satire of Apple has yet to be committed to Youtube.


Ontario had a cable internet outage either Friday or Saturday and I appreciated my CD player and CDs. I listen to a lot of music on Youtube because I’m not tech savvy enough to have figured out a better way.


I fail to see why this should be dangerous. It’s totally counter intuitive. And buying gift cards is often the only way to access an apple store from another country.

“…the JetBlue app wouldn’t let me access my boarding pass, saying I had to update the app to use it. It was the first time I’d flown with a paper boarding pass in years. I couldn’t even pass time on the flight playing Animal Crossing on my phone, because I got a similar error message when I opened the game.”

Poor guy having to do what most people in the world have to do…


Burning cds from your purchases was an advertised back when apple sold DRM music. But they dropped that. Not for books and movies, though, which I kinda get.

That said, I still remove any DRM I cannot (read: don’t want to) avoid buying, but I also don’t actually distribute it.

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Still waiting to be set free