Gilded Age watch: America's firefighting is turning into a two-tier system, with private services for the 1%

What you describe is pretty close to what we have in Australia. Free public hospitals for all, but people are permitted to pay extra for private medical services if they want. Mostly that just means slightly nicer decor in the doctor’s office or hospital.

However, the effect is as described upthread; the wealthy constantly attempt to defund and downgrade the public hospitals, as they don’t use them. They’ve been trying to destroy the public health system for as long as it’s existed.

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same old story - thats going on here right now with public schools.

At some point the amount of energy (cost) to build a fireproof house is going to be greatly outweighed by the energy necessary to suppress the fires. Thinning small growth while leaving the large trees and clearing out undergrowth usually by a burn costs since you are leaving the large valuable trees. The effect only lasts two years and then you have to repeat the process. This is over insane amounts of land. None of that works at higher elevations because of the period between fires. Let the loggers take the big fire resistant trees and you’re screwed. Take the big stands of dead trees out and the birds are screwed and you haven’t made much of an impact (recent ACC beetle kills are a little different). So much easier to address the architecture.


Everything you say is true here.
There are costs, everywhere you turn.

Managed “forests” are production forests:
… these are not intact whole systems, not by any stretch of the imagination.

No solutions that are going to be 100% fireproof unless maybe you’re living in a area with 100% impervious cover, and all the buildings are made of brick or concrete etc. (but even then, the interiors of buildings burn well).


And, maybe:

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