Fuck: California Uses Inmates to Fight Forest Fire for $1/day

Remember the three strikes policy that disproportionately sent minorities to prison, for life, for petty trespass? Then you’ll love reading this piece from Jezebel:

Fuck California.

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“what are we going to do with all this stockpiled slave labor”
“we can’t worry avout that right now, we also completely fucked the environment because we were trying to fight fires in a fire renewal ecosystem for the last 150 years”
“huh. let’s solve one problem with another then”
“ah yes great idea i don’t see anything morally wrong with this whatsoever”


Oh man, oh man, Roger Corman meets Joel Silver. This is so going to be the setting of my new prison escape/women-in-prison exploitation/action/adventure film.

But, seriously, state officials who designed, implemented, approved, or otherwise did nothing to prevent this, need to be imprisoned for this and made to fight wildfires for $1 per day.


Nobody is making them.

Their camps don’t even have fences. Sheesh.


Firefighters do die from time to time, when is the last time a prisoner who signed on for firefighting duty was lost in a fire? Must have been recent, common, and many for your story to ring true.

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Nobody is making them. Their camps don’t even have fences. Sheesh.

Those facts aren’t helpful to me. I am going to ignore them.

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70% of firefighters in the US are paid nothing at all.

I would assume that many of these women are volunteering out of a desire to give something back to the community. I hope that they additionally get some nonmonetary reward in the form of brownie points on their parole applications.

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They do get the added bonus of being unemployable for emergency response.

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