Give to the neediest on Red Nose Day!

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On Thursday May 26, Red Nose Day will return for the second year.

Or, as we know it in the UK, Red Nose Day 2017 will be the 16th since 1985 (alternating biennially with Sport Relief; collectively they’ve raised US$ 1,532,000,000).

All the best for Red Nose Day USA, but credit where it’s due, eh? :wink:


Huffs fingernails, polishes them on shirt, says: “Yep, but in Canada, we’ve been running ‘Operation Red Nose’ since 1984, eh.”


Seems like he has the fountain of youth in that secret museum too.

Ohhh… So every time I’ve been accosted by some cashier for my dollar donation and in return I get something that will either end up floating in the pacific ocean or in a land fill for several hundred years, You folk’s are to blame.

But, On the plus side you folks did take back Piers Morgan…


While i may no longer work for the big red W, I know that, at least this year, donations are available without the foam nose. Plus, unlike the nose, 100% (rather than, IIRC, ~50%) of the money goes directly to the charity.

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