Glenn Greenwald explains privacy


I wonder if the idea of all-knowing deities has made us more susceptible to government surveillance.

It’s not necessarily bad to live our lives as if someone is watching, it keeps us more honest and helps us steer away from the more toothy side of human nature. But I wonder if the idea that our actions are already being observed and judged hasn’t smoothed the way and made it easier to accept a life under government surveillance.

Side note, good article in Ars about Keith Alexander’s financial conflicts of interest:


What I’m hoping for is Glenn Grenwald explaining how he can divulge state secrets and still be able to fly around the country.

Meanwhile, this poor slob gets the Nazi treatment.

But I’m sure it just because I’m a troll… nothing to see here. Football!!!

Oh, you mean this guy.


What sickens me is that many societies or fragments thereof will fight for the personal liberties that their peer group accepts as important and will actively oppose those liberties which they have no perceived personal or group interest in. This is especially problematic in a society where there is a very clear duopoly in which most citizens can only intellectually process either a left, right, or wasted choice when expressing their now severely limited franchise rights.
I am especially disgusted by the courts allegedly populated by learned lawyers and judges who for the most part show no courage to impose universal natural human rights including the right to pressure or even force popular change or protect a minority. In the case of the US in particular narrowly reading the Bill of Rights as expressing the only rights protected as was feared by its authors rather than a listing of the personal rights most feared to be violated at the time of its writing, in other nations the stated reason is fear of anarchy or simply rights reserved only to the state.
Many in the west and certainly in the industrialized east have accepted that any chance at prosperity is inextricably linked to loss of freedom, a collective bargain is made as part of the bundle which is lower and middle class employment and survival.

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He lives in Brazil.

Because the first amendment, presumably? You like the constitution, don’t you?

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