Glenn Greenwald's must-watch 30C3 keynote



As noted in the youTube comments, as he starts to enumerate the various criminal offences of senior US officials (lying to congress et cetera) at around the 35:00 mark the audio gets mangled. Any transcripts or cleaned up versions available?

direct audio recording without the streaming glitches:

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Cory, please see CCC’s documentation regarding the 30C3 recordings, where you’ll find locations of the official recordings that will soon be posted, as well as requests including the following:

We don’t fill external video services like YouTube or Vimeo ourselves. This is done by users and not to be considered as official CCC channel.

If you upload one of our recordings, please

  • ensure that you provide all metadata especially the correct title, speaker names, licence and language.
  • If a file has multiple audio tracks, make sure the viewer can switch between both languages. This could mean that you have to upload the video twice.
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That was amazing. It was like Anti-Big-Brother speaking directly to our hearts.


The Holy Church of Christ Without Christ is still a church, with its class of elite priests keeping a tight hand on sacred information for its own benefit, and its class of worshippers willfully removing themselves from the responsibility of asking the priests to release the sacred information into the wide world for the benefit of all.

Free your mind and yourself. Stop looking for saviors or heroes or priests where there are none. And stop making those people the heroes and saviors they are not.

This was not amazing. Once again he hit on all the notes you, an angry, confused, scared early XXI century person wanted to hear, but for self-aggrandizing and self-promotional reasons only.

That was, without a doubt, the most important speech of the 21st. Century. Thank you Glenn.


The voice of the Overlords has spoken. Anyone else care to weigh in?



Well, I do agree on one point, they are not saviors. They are heroes, however. And now it is up to us to step up the game, pitch in and help out.

This was possibly one of the best talks I ever heard. I have a new found greater appreciation for Glenn Greenwald.

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