Global recreational drug survey: magic mushrooms are safest


One of the issues that makes drug policy complicated is the heterogenous nature of the user base.

The overwhelming majority of users are weekend recreational sorts, who may go off the deep end in times of stress, but are most at risk from drug-affected car accidents and the like.

Then there are the fast-burn junkies; usually mentally ill, often abuse survivors, frequently homeless, high risk of overdose and suicide.

Add to that another group of middle-aged habitual drinkers/smokers, whose primary risks are long-term health related.

The best policy for one group may not be the best policy for all groups. But we do know that blind prohibition is crap for all three.


I half wonder if one of the reasons magic mushrooms are safe is because half the people taking them were actually taking shiitake.


Oooh, that’s cool! I always saw Oriental rug type patterns in a swirling layer over everything else. Now I’m missing it a little.


It was quite interesting, but I think a lucky break. People at the party were remarking it was a very potent shroom tea that night.


Back in the day my friends and I had a ‘no-upstairs’ rule which applied to acid and mushrooms specifically because comprehending stairs could be difficult, but also blow and pcp, in case anyone got it in their head that they could fly.

Given the frequency of drunkenly falling down the stairs, perhaps we should’ve included alcohol.


The only foolish thing blow made me think was that I could dance well.


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