American LSD use up 56% since 2017

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223 percent? So proud of my cohort.


Where are they finding it? I guess I need new contacts.


Star Wars on LSD, Acid, Hover Cats



Since 2013, some blotter and liquid “acid” being sold in the Americas and Europe contains NBOMe compounds instead of LSD. The NBOMe chemicals can cause strong effects even on a single standard hit of blotter (1/4" (6mm) square). Unlike LSD, NBOMes can cause death. NBOMe compounds are usually bitter while LSD-containing liquid or blotter has only a mild metallic flavor or no flavor at all.


The present hellscape is exactly the sort of psychic background that makes me not want to take a trip. Though maybe I’ve got it backwards.


Well that sounds a bit sub-optimal.


I brushed up against a Grateful Dead cover band scene for a while recently, and was surprised by how many 60 and 70 year olds are rediscovering psychedelic exploration in their retirement years. Mushrooms, sure. LSD use though surprised me.
Mind you, many of these folks were digging the stuff first time around as well. I may have been one of those, or might still be, I’m trying to remember.
Anyhow, at the same time, my own son who is in art college insists that the current rage in his circle continues to be booze. To his group of 20 year olds, psychedelics are for old people.
Hand me down my walker…


Is this supposed to be a good thing?

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I used to run sound for bands like that. Such a genuinely fun scene, even if you’re not into (all of) the music. I still remember the six hour gig we did that had the “dance floor” completely packed all night, but the owner complained that most of ’em were only drinking water.

Never had the opportunity to attend a show sans face, though. Didn’t usually order my first drink until halfway through the first set, as the person building the IEM mix should always have at least a third of their faculties nearby, just in case.


I will delete this later since my employer might have found my username through their wifi, and might be reading comments. Im probably just paranoid…

I would love to try the stuff- but only if it’s lab pure and tested. Which basically makes this near impossible.

I actually love psychedelics… dearly. I just never post mentioning that because above.

It was always my understanding LSD required some very time consuming and elaborate organic chemistry on doctorate level to synthesize, and so was practically undoable for most- but skilled determined chemists have done it plenty. The biggest supplier in US was supposedly some guy that was caught in an abandoned missle silo.

Basically, always wanted to try the real deal, but knowing the difficulties in synthesis, and the 99% likelyhood of getting something not completely pure, I never wanted to waste the last serious experience of the granddaddy of all psychedelics on something not pure.

Edit- I consider Erowid to be a public world resource for good.


I haven’t seen any since the Dead stopped touring.

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Is it really so surprising that people need to be tripping balls over the last 4 years to deal with reality in the US?

Honestly, seems like the most sane response compared to the alternatives, like denial or violence


Far out.

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I suspect that the increasing legalization of weed may have something to do with it. I am way more interested in psychedelics than I was before I started getting high again.

Wait - so maybe it is a sort of gateway drug! Not to heroin or meth but just to psychedelics.


Thank you for that link. Wow…Pickard got two life sentences for manufacturing a hallucinogen and is going to die in prison. He warned of the opioid crisis years in advance, made efforts to stop it. And meanwhile, John Kapoor, who pushed fentanyl to make money while knowing its deadly risk, got 66 months. And the men who killed Breonna Taylor are still free. The US “justice” system, eh?


Tagline of 2020.

Another fun “thing”:

Some killer shit…

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I question the usefulness of this mythology, using self reporting of illicit drug use. Also I disagree with the conclusions made here about escapism being the driving factor. You are not escaping from anything on psychedelics, more of an amplification of your current state of mind and psychical setting.


Wondering that myself. Psychedelics of all sorts have been harder to find