Psychedelic microdosing makes inroads in Silicon Valley


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I do all my best work on macrodoses.


They’re onto me.


Well, yeah, but there’s this little War On Drugs thing we’ve been doing these past 40 years or so that means I risk a felony conviction every time.


Taking medication for depression and anxiety aren’t things i can bring myself to do. The side effects weird me out and i’ve had friends where they’ve been on various meds for years and had trouble getting the right dosage and other issues. But microdosing psychedelics does peak my interest, not entirely sure i’d try it but my aversion to the idea of it isn’t as bad as the thought of taking conventional medication.


Some bozo mixes up a batch of LSD and randomly makes it many times more powerful than intended. I buy it, clip off what I believe to be a micro dose and head to work while it works its magic. Later that morning I stab my nemesis in the neck with a letter opener (that Arschloch who licks the CTO’s bumhole totally deserved it FYI) then run naked through the cafeteria before dying in hail of gunfire.

No Thanks.


Saw your posts is gone so i’ll edit this out.

I am hopeful that research into microdosing and psychedelics leads to something useful.


Yeah, sorry about that, re-read what I wrote after I posted it and realized it didn’t really respond well to what you said and didn’t add much to the conversation. (Just got home from a very long shift and am spaced supreme).


Alright! Encouraging drug use in order to work grueling hours! I love the future!


I don’t think this is what people like Tim Leary had in mind. I mean, maybe they wanted it to boost an extreme form of capitalism, but somehow I doubt it.


THX 1138 wasn’t supposed to be a manual…


I hope Soylent Green isn’t either


That can happen if your morning coffee has too much robusta in it.

Also, this:


Yep just like that, except that the Arschloch who kisses the CTO’s bum still needs to die in a fire.


Yeah, I dont think clipping would be a wise idea. I’ve found even halving a tab can give different doses. I’d go with dissolving a bunch in distilled water and working out a dose based on that.
However the lsd will degrade in water, it will last longer in a high strength spirit would and have the added benefit of a little extra kick in the morning!

Also testing the dose on a saturday might be a wise move…


I think if microdosing ends up in the market this DIY dosing would be removed. I’m sure some people would be inclined to do it themselves but a prescribed variant of it would definitely make me less nervous.


I’m a little concerned about the possible long term mental health effect of micro-dosing LSD. It’s a powerful substance that takes a lot out of you when you take a full dose, and the quality can vary significantly. I have always wanted to try micro-dosing of psilocybin mushrooms, however. Psilocybin is gentler, and not so speedy and doesn’t seem to have such a high cost of use.


Ditto that. As soon as I heard of the idea of nootropics, I thought to myself, one day this will be required. Not by law but by necessity, in the same way that athletes are pressured to dope in order to remain competitive.

I like my coffee, but it has not escaped me why it is present in every office.


To each his own, but it’s baffling to me that you’re more worried about taking rigorously tested and measured medication, administered under guidance of a trained physician, than about gulping unknown amounts of unknown psychedelics from an unknown source.


Meds for anxiety and depression, while rigorously tested, are not guaranteed to work. I’ve spoken with a good number of friends that are on medication and they struggle constantly with new prescriptions and dosages.
On the flipside psychoactive substances being microdosed seem more straightforward and easier on a person, at least thus far from what i’ve read. As i said above, i’m not 100% sure if i would actually try it given the chance but the research does interest me.