People who take tiny doses of LSD daily say it's wonderful


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Is there a sign up sheet?


How does it compare to a light dose of amphetamines?
I the case of a ‘guy’ I know, his experiences with acid, while enjoyable, were mostly the speed and creative hyper-thinking effect and none of the hallucinations everyone talks about.



Day trippers. Trust your source, that you’ve only ingested 10-15 mics before sliding off to work…


Finding the right medication can be a terrible process. These people are very lucky to have found something that helps them.


Sounds like a wonderful purple anchovy wallpaper…the wallpaper…THE WALLPAPER!


I get similar effects with a low dose of aspirin, except for the well-being and mental clarity.


It’s a powerful testament to the fundamental barbarity of our society that this sort of exploratory and repeatable self-medication is illegal, while legal (and profitable) synthetic opiates are killing people by the thousands, and addicting others to heroin because they can’t afford the legal stuff.

Like Bones said, “We’re talking medievalism here.”


It confuses me why the headline refers to LSD and the anecdote refers to psilocybin.


Because whoever wrote it is a doof?

The real article headline is “Microdosing: A New, Low-Key Way to Use Psychedelics”


Man, this makes me really reflect on my own (inexplicable) hypocrisy. This seems fine to me because of my attitude toward LSD. But I’m a bit of a prude regarding marijuana. I know it makes no sense. And of course I love my whiskey and beer, too!


Can I please be in the next study?


Sounds to me very, very much like the effects of other ergoloid compunds, such as Hydergine. They tend to be quite safe to take and aren’t encumbered with the legal restrictions/liabilities of LSD. It’s like experiencing amazing clarity the day after a great acid trip - without the acid trip.


I’ve heard that most LSD made today doesn’t follow the strict, pure recipe of old, but mostly cuts with amphetamines.


Where does one find these micro doses?


Regular doses cut to pieces, perhaps?


Fine. I’ll take several regulars, please. Where do I get those?


That bothered me a lot too. If you click through you see that the actual article doesn’t mistake one for the other.


Try your local dealer. I am not familiar with your area. Look around the subcultures there, find those associated to hallucinogen use, find what friends you have in them (or make some), ask them. The generic approach. Or whatever the Silk Road developed into now.