An infographic comparing various intense psychedelics



Yep, anyone who has watched an episode of BooBah will tell you trippiest thing ever.

Yeah, we don’t let the kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba anymore.


People who say they remember Lidsville didn’t really watch it.


Dropped some H.R. Puffenstuff back in the 70’s, and I was never the same again.


I did watch it, and Pufnstuf too, but I’ll be damned if I can name one character or relate one plot point. Kid fell into a hat, right?

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Ummmm, yeah? He fell into something, and ended up in a land of hat people, but beyond that, it’s a little fuzzy.

Oh, and Charles Nelson Reilly was there! I was a huge Match Game fan as a kid, so seeing CNR on two shows was pretty sweet.


Kinda funny how well I remember other Krofft shows. I mean, I have all three seasons of the old Land of the Lost on DVD, so that’s gonna be fresher to me, but I haven’t seen Sigmund and the Sea Monsters since it went off the air, and I still remember it pretty vividly, I think. At least, I still sometimes answer the phone “Shello?”

But Pufnstuf and Lidsville have faded completely outta my brain.


Ha! I remember “shello”! Strangely enough, I can still sing the songs they played at the beginning and end of Sigmund. That’s almost more disturbing than not being able to recall details of the other shows, even though I watched them loads of times.

I stumbled upon BoohBah once. Good $deity.

Now, back in my day, we had Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, and even as a young’un I found them pretty baffling most of the time. I think I watched them anyway mostly out of boredom, lacking Internet as we did back then. (Perhaps I was already past the target age when they started to come on.)

Anyway, is “ayahuasca” a common term now? I thought DMT was the convention.


My then the right age kid loved the show as well as mom. Now later on we all make jokes like ‘A present for the story people, It’s a tarpit, shh somebody’s coming’

The rubber-heads in Lazytown give my wife the heebie-jeebies; me, less-so.




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I’ve noticed that movies/shows (or generally videos) trying to be super “psychedelic” usually feel far less close to actual psychedelic experiences (YMMV) than things that weren’t meant to simulate it - like certain children’s TV shows.

For some reason, I’ve always figured Ayahuasca is more known as a term than DMT. Probably because the first one is an actual word (even if it is all foreign-y) that refers to a shamanic brew that’s easy to visualize even if you’ve never seen the actual stuff, while the other is an abbreviation of a chemical that most people have no idea what form it typically comes in or how it’s enjoyed. My guess is that, if asked, more people would say they’ve heard of the word DMT than the word ayahuasca, but out of those people, more people would be able to in some way describe the latter.

Now I’m just overthinking it. I don’t know what regular people think about drugs. Probably eggs and a frying pan and an upside down baby.


IME acid and shrooms are much closer, with DMT streets ahead.


was sigmund and the sea monsters the one with schlepcar, or was that another Krofft show?

oh - i guess not… i’m trippin’.

You’re thinking of Wonderbug.
Yet another Krofft production!