Guy gets super-high on ayahuasca, gets cosmic woodworking instructions


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Creepy and awesome.


It might be a fair statement that people willing to go on a massive Ayahuasca bender are more likely to produce surreal art in the first place…


I’ll have what he’s having.


Tripping balls and wood working - what could go wrong?

“Huh, this wood is really soft… and its weird red sap rather sticky.”


I recall an experience some years ago, when very deprived of sleep I experience mild visual hallucinations. Look at a piece of plywood, the wood grain began to twist and undulate. I can imagine what that must be like on some serious shit.


And artists who are inclined toward classical landscapes are more likely to go on lengthy trips to Italy, but no one would dispute that they find inspiration while they’re there.


Yes, but one would find their landscapes of Italy to not be shocking and newsworthy.

It’s nice art, though.


High praise for ayahuasca, then.


On a good hit of acid, wood grain – or anything, really – can get pretty hectic and beautiful and horrible and lovely. I remember sitting on my bathroom floor looking at the travertine floor tiles, and they had achieved such an immensely beautiful depth, like golden gelatinous sparkling clouds. Really spectacular.

Sometimes I wish I had acid vision that I could turn on and off, rather than having to endure 10 hours of labyrinthine mental cycling / comedown.


It goes quite a bit further than that. :slight_smile:


Eh, so he was talking with transdimensional entities and they inspired him to illustrate them thus. Is this kind of thing news?

Edit: I should add, this was kind of facetious. I think it’s cool entities are showing this guy their wooden portraits.


Sourced from within 5 Americas, using basswood with 12 source attributions (all off-Rio cantinas) this work represents the fine-art dedication of Halloween Corner #327 and will be available to the public in short-run blind box acid-free acrylic offerings in the ‘Gut Biomes Say My Name’ area.


Was he a wood-worker—or any kind of artist—before the ayahuasca, or is this entirely new?


It’s really beautiful work.


It’s ayahuasca


Reminds me of a true story. A friend in college took some acid. The rest of us were probably just stoned. He went to the bathroom and was gone for a long time. When he came back, he was really hesitant, but he really wanted us to come look at the bathroom walls. They were breathing. Ok, you’re tripping balls, but we’ll go look. Turns out the damn walls were actually ‘breathing’. It was an old house (a co-op at the time) and the walls were wooden planks and wallpapered which was held up with staples. It was windy outside. And by gawd that wallpaper looked for all the world like it was breathing.


There are precedents - though they are the products of fevered dreams rather than ethnopharmacology.


Looks a lot like the (DMT influenced) Shpongle mascot:

Also reminiscent of the Makonde Shetani carvings, like this one:


Have you seen the yellow sign?