Guy gets super-high on ayahuasca, gets cosmic woodworking instructions


Hahah… Life imitating itself… or something…


DMT says hello. Used to call it The Businessman’s Lunch because you’re up out back in and down in about an hour.


As a botanist with a strong professional interest in traditional medicine and with at some knowledge of neurobiology I am absolutely scared by these kind of drugs. I know how out feels to weaken your mental filters.
I wouldn’t take them. And I often wish they wouldn’t be conceived as cool and liberating in general, but as a highly specific cultural custom.



Nice work.
However, his quote sounds like a sales pitch to me.

And I can’t help it, this

strongly reminds me of this

But maybe it’s me.


It’s all reminds me of this…


Fortunately for you there is no requirement for anyone to take them. The response of someone who has taken then is purely subjective and they may well consider them cool and liberating. If that is their response they might feel it’s ok to label them as cool and liberating.


What I read about those ayahuasca infusions is horrifying … lots of vomiting and shitting yourself. At least this guy thinks it was worth it.



I’ve done Ayahuasca Ceremonies 3 times. Yes it comes back up, it’s vile tasting (edited to delete reference of purging the body) . The experience after that purge is an amazing voyage of exploring ones own mind and perceptions. Along with the exploration of the old view of life there comes a flood of new thoughts, new perceptions of how you could interact with the world you live in but often fail to see. The first Shaman I worked with told me that I was going to enter his reality, the reality that his people had seen for years. I could hang on to my own perception or allow a new view to come in. It was frightening at times, late at night deep in the rainforest with a thunder storm that shook the earth yet I was safe. I saw creatures that made no sense but none the less belonged there as much as I did. I reflected on my relationships with people that I knew and loved, I saw my flaws but as well I saw my strengths. I saw my possibilities and obligations to the world that I lived in and a role for myself there in the forest. Toward dawn with the storm past I saw the milky way which there seems vast and almost as wide as the night sky itself. I was drawn into it and surfed the path of the stars because that leads us back to our origins. Sometime toward the middle of the day I found myself sleeping surrounded by my friends. We all felt very light and clean. we shared some of what we had seen for ourselves and understood some was strictly for own information. That was over 20 years ago I have been in two other ceremonies since. I don’t know if I need to do another ceremony but I certainly don’t regret the ones I’ve done. It wasn’t recreational in its intention or experience but it was rich to experience for body mind and soul. Others may well have a different experiences


Which toxins, exactly? Doesn’t have to be a complete list.




So, How’s your wood carving?


I want to enjoy the beautiful OMG OMG I’m in perfect blissful unity with the universal oneness of everything, and then let the sherpas do all the hard work carrying my gear.


Just a lot of the crap that we end up with from our typical western diet. This same shaman will take people in for months at a time eating just as the local people do. very low on the food chain, no salt, no sugar, lots of fish, local veggies and fruit. I talked to a few guys who had been at it for several months. They looked great clear skin, lean very at ease with their life there. over time they had built up to doing ayahausca several time a week. It appeared to be almost a monastic life. I don’t think I could or would be willing to that commitment.


I woodn’t brag on it to be honest


Kind of what happens to college students after too much alcohol, but with benefits…


Trapped souls scream for release. But God is deaf to their cries.


Chainsaw wheel on angle grinder. True story.