Guy gets super-high on ayahuasca, gets cosmic woodworking instructions


So you’re saying someone did a probably healthy diet, but you didn’t. However, above you are saying that the drug is purging the body of toxins.

I wish you weren’t confounding matters.


Which specific toxins are those?


I really like the story and your description of your experience but like, apparently, a couple others here, I cringe at the “purges the body of lots of toxins.”

That phrase appears in nearly every new age or woo inspired diet and nobody is ever able to say exactly what they mean, or the times they do say, it turns out to be false when investigated.

Loved reading about your experience, but I’ll believe in something that “purges toxins from the body” when someone can actually demonstrate something that does it. (I have no issues with your follow up response re: the healthy eating!)


Cool. Didn’t know that ayahuasca is realy exist
It’s sound very strange on ukrainian , and one of our bands (named LATEXFAUNA) have a very strange song named Ayahusca wich i taked as fully fantasied with very strange lirycs

cowbys don’t sleep
they are hunting on children of ayahuasca

we are the men of ayahusca
our spears are mighter then their bullets
our crows following them every night
our crows are our eyes

cowbys don’t sleep
they are hunting on children of ayahuasca

we are the women of ayahuasca
our weeds is mighter than their flames
our breasts was feed in jaguar year
our breats poison white chiefs

Verry surreal


What is it that you’re really afraid of?


You can try an acidic diet for days leading into the experience and that is known to lessen the purging.


He wasn’t woodworking while tripping. lol


Wayyyyy different than alcohol. :slight_smile:


Ayahuasca, to start with.


His work sounds like an amateur sales pitch by a 16-year-old who just read some Lovecraft and The Doors of Perception last month.

I’m not saying the carvings don’t look cool, and I’m not saying the guy didn’t actually go to the Amazon, but his “story” is remarkably light on the specifics.

This work began deep in the Amazon Rainforest

Oh? Where? What country? What tribe? What village?

I was cured by native healers several years ago

Oh? Cured of what? How many years, exactly? What were the healers’ names?

If he was really in the Amazon, why is the picture of a shaman on his webpage ( an image stolen from another webpage (

The wood carvings are cool. Copyright infringement isn’t cool. Cultural appropriation isn’t cool. Fetishizing the traditional spirituality of indigenous cultures for commercial gain isn’t cool.


Beats me…I’ll retract my use of the word toxins if it helps for clarity. I just vomited copiously although I didn’t think to measure the exact amount so maybe copious isn’t a good word to use either


His sanity!!


Feels like the art should be the news. “Look, some cool art.” Unfortunately, Ayahuasca is the headline here. “Look, some ayahuasca.” and the art is Exhibit A of the article about the high guy.


In the area around Iquitos Peru many of the people use various “medicines” as purges .Some to rid the body of parasites, some I suspect just because of a cultural belief that there is a need to cleanse the body periodically. They use the word toxin as an explanation of why they are purging. Perhaps it fits in with the same concept as sweat lodges BUT I don’t claim to know that…I’m only speculating… Thus I used the same word toxin as part of what I experienced.



So all you really meant is that it made you puke?
Ipecac will do that for you too.


Well, they probably use an Iquito word, which is then badly translated into English as “toxin”. Cleansing ceremonies have important cultural significance in a number of indigenous spiritualities, but there is no physical basis for “purging” or “cleansing” the body of “toxins”.

As TimmoWarner points out, such claims are pseudo-scientific nonsense: popular components of woo diets and alternative (anti-)medicine for Western white folks, but with zero supporting evidence and no physiological basis. If you’re urinating and defecating regularly, your body is doing perfectly well at eliminating the stuff it doesn’t need. If you vomit after ingesting a plant extract, the only toxins you’re eliminating are the ones you just poisoned yourself with in the plant extract.


Citation needed. “Acidic diet”, just like “purges the body of toxins”, is meaningless catch phrase of pseudo-scientific woo nonsense. The so-called “acidity” of the food you ingest has exactly zero impact on any aspect of your physical health or well-being. Not least of which because everything you ingest hits your pH 1 stomach acid before anything else happens – no molecules found in any food can act as an acid in a pH 1 buffer.

If you throw up after ingesting a plant extract, it’s because you’ve poisoned yourself. Deliberately attempting to keep the poison in your system is probably not a good idea.


That people who, at one point of their life’s, are very interested in psychedelic experiences think “whoa, this is the best trip evah, and I must try it”.

If I have had access to Bannistera at the time, I would have tried the drug.

And with the knowledge and experience I have today, I can say it would not have been a good thing for me, nor for people who are close to me.

This is a very potent drug. I simply don’t like the way people talk about it as if it would not be dangerous. It literally can blow your mind, and more if done wrong.


Citation and definition of Blow your Mind. Since the correct usage of words is important here I’m curious as to how a blown mind might appear I agree using Ayahuasca shouldn’t be used haphazardly as just another fun thing. .