Global spy agencies meet for "Five Eyes" intel-sharing network in New Zealand, including U.S. FBI, CIA, NSA


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“It’s becoming increasingly obvious, I think, that as you consider these supra-national threats like ISIS that you work together with other countries,”

Somebody better tell tRump.


Seriously? How could it not be screamingly obvious that Five Eyes reps dont meet regularly?

In any case I wish them a fruitful and productive meeting.


Does this meeting include a side tour to the hobbit house? If not, what’s the point?


Well the article says they meet regularly, and right now that’s all the information I have. If that’s wrong, how is it screamingly obvious? I do not feel screamed at all.


Wait… what?

It’s been known since Snowden, and suspected long before that, that these five countries conspire against the freedom and privacy of everyone else. Of course I didn’t know what kind of meetings they held, but it doesn’t take an “analyst” to figure out that people have to talk to each other in order to cooperate.


I think it’s adorable that they pretend to be working against ISIS and such and it’s equally adorable that the press never bothers to question that narrative. They spy on our citizens, we spy on their citizens, and we share what we learn. The end result is that we get all this excellent surveillance of our citizenry without breaking any laws. Sure, the intent of our laws protecting us from government intrusion are tossed out the window but technically no law is broken and I suppose that makes it all O.K. right?


I always assumed they colocated with another group of rich weirdos, like Bilderberg or Burning Man.


Osama didn’t even have a computer in his Pakistan compound.

If the “war on terror” can be won, it will be with HUMINT.

Sadly, Trump’s little stunt excluding green card holders will probably have a drastic effect on future collaboration. We rely on a lot of nationals who collaborate in exchange for a ticket out of the countries we bomb to hell. Without a guarantee we’ll get them out, they have no incentive to help up.


Can we get a copy of the program book, and do they have cool hackable badges?


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