Goldman Sachs report: "Is curing patients a sustainable business model?"


This alone would solve much of the world’s woes!


I am a pediatrician. My daughter goes to school in NYC. She met a friend whose mother works in finance, owns a house in the Hamptons and bought her a Jag to drive at college. So she called and asked how it could be that somebody who just moves money around could make so much more money than a doctor, a teacher or a musician. It seemed to her that someone who actually contributed to society should do better than a parasite who just sucked off of others’ production. I had no answer. :expressionless:


Ironically, that’s not far off of the truth, gene editing has so much more potential than just curing diseases, but this report doesn’t seem to even conceive of a shifting business model.


Except Goldman Sachs has controlling interest in all 100, so no way in hell will they follow that model!


Ugh - this is the essence of what is wrong with politics today.


I know a guy made over 6 figures without a high school diploma - not even a GED. He got the GED after several years at that salary. He has never made less than 6 figures for the last 20 years I’ve known him - changed jobs a few times.

Once you get over 6 figures - you join a ‘club’ - it lets you slip into another job in that bracket - I’m not saying people can’t fall from grace, but you better believe that getting the damn job was a fluke - I don’t know what bullshit he said to get hired - but it was right place/right time really. Previous jobs were all crap work for him - so it’s not like it was work history.

I also know someone with two masters degrees that does marine biology and has done work as a professor, as well as important work preserving the wetlands in Florida. They don’t even come close to what jackoff no high school made.

Luck. Or birth. Profits from companies are also absurd - higher than ever, and ‘paying people costs too much’ - really?


Most people lack imagination, I’ve noticed…


Because our current government would simply give that to another billionaire in a tax cut.

We have let these parasites walk off with 20% of our economy simply because they decided they should have it and bought politicians to make it so. Basic banking is a societal good, I have achieved economic security by borrowing to buy real estate. That was the savings-and-loan model. What we have now is the “corporation as sociopath” rape and pillage model.


I’m about to be that guy; if you happen to be a man.
I could add more qualifiers but everyone knows what they are already.


But in the current race for the bottom the most disadvantaged end up having to underbid to such an extent that it exacerbates the inequalities. Cleveland and Detroit have offered sweet deals for ages just in hopes of being able to tax some ancillary benefits. At least some type of incentive truce would introduce a cost for a company relocating.


what is a patient not just mad


As of 1980’s Bayh-Dole Act, Universities have been allowed to patent their creations, even if they were funded by the government (the public). It’s a part of a long running ‘policy paradox’ wherein the healthcare industry is continuously subsidized, but not in such a way that grants the public any kind of pricing control.


Most of the best research is already done by university or government research. Then it gets handed over to pharma as grist for the profit mill.


Nah, commie hippy talk is “nationalise the fuckers”.

Attempting to solve the problem by directing public funds to private corporations is more of a liberal approach.

For something in between, try “vigorously regulate drug pricing and force the pharmacorps to pay for the publicly-funded research that they profit from”.




I pondered this, and give reverence for the reference. Now, please, take some of these blue dried frog pills, will you?


Interesting, he seems not to be the first to have invented it, but the first to file a patent.

And this is what is wrong with all the capitalist bullshit of “incentives”, IMO. You just set stronger incentives for playing the system. And don’t get me started on “competition” and the academic system.
Shit science, that’s one result.

Fuck yeah botany, BTW.


I think governments should pool resources and buy patents to put them in the public domain. The inventors get cash up front so they can start new research, and manufacture by multiple companies ensure that the medicine will be cheap so that as many people as possible can benefit from it.


And change patent law radically. Currently, when rights to a drug are sold the patent clock resets which means it never expires.


Curing patients should not be a business model in the first place.