Good deal on an Echo Dot: $38


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Sales on these are going to plummet once the Amazon Orb is released.


So that whole mid-east trip of trump’s was a release party for an amazon product? /s


That’s seven microphones too many for me.


Is it really a “deal”? Can’t your phone do all that? Especially if you don’t have or want a Prime account.



I’ve got both an Echo and an iPhone, and personally I find it nice to have this functionality separate from the phone. Especially when taking a shower, though I find that it mostly means I spend what would otherwise be a relaxing shower yelling at Alexa.

On a sidenote, has anyone found a way to read kindle books out loud on an iPhone? I gather there’s a way to do it by enabling “accessiblity”, but that has the slight problem of rendering the phone completely useless. The Echo does a good job of it, I’m surprised nothing else does.


This exactly!

Every other article on BB: “BEWARE! Everything in the IOT hacked, and your personal info is out there for everyone!”

BB store: “Awesome fucking deal on IOT equipment with microphones that can hear a gnat fart several states over! You’ve got to get one for your house!”.


Look for the “Made in Valinor” mark to ensure authenticity.


Why in the goddamned motherfucking hell would I want to pay actual money just so a mega-corporation could spy on me at whim. Would someone PLEASE explain the mind set here?


You say “on a whim” like it isn’t 24x7x365.


Sure, It is on all the time. I guess I was trying to say that they actively take notes on stuff on a whim. But, hell, you are right. It’s fucking Amazon. They can record and save everything and have terabytes to spare.


Ethics and morals don’t stand a chance when there are Amazon affiliate dollars on the line.




Please don’t say this rant out load in front of Echo Dot.


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