Good puzzle: connect the six boxes without crossing any lines


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Those aren’t lines!


now how do i get the lines off my screen? - maybe shouldn’t have used Sharpie - oh wells

… aaaand, that wasn’t intended to be a reply to you - clicked wrong button - poor internetting day for me


Line does imply straight and point to point, but I assumed pretty quickly that wasn’t the case. I do like the answer though, good puzzle.



Lines cannot be used to solve this puzzle - nor are they in the solution provided.


OK, mine works, but is way more complicated than the given solution


I was converging on something sort of like that when I gave up. I hope my entry into the putative afterlife isn’t dependent on logic puzzles, otherwise I’ll be shoveling out Satan’s stables with a coke spoon until the heat death of the universe.


Draw a line between objects? Or draw a line connecting objects?


The solution becomes clearer once you realize it’s tricky. And disappointing.


Someone has played the Tron light cycles game too much.


Let me tell you, as non native English speaker/writer. This puzzle is mere a language joke, than other. :wink:
#define line


Using actual lines.


AND the lines don’t need to be straight.

It seems obvious after thinking about it, but that threw me for a loop (!) at first.


Sure they are. They’re not straight lines, but nothing in the puzzle used the word ‘straight’.

Consider a yellow line road marker. Does that road marker cease to be a yellow line if the road goes around a curve? If so, what is it called for that curved stretch?


That last part makes no sense at all. I assume it’s a typo.

That said, I thought it was good. All this whining in the comments about how they aren’t “lines”… :triumph: If this was in a geometry textbook, you might have a point, but outside of specialized fields, curved lines are “lines.”


Brilliant! Nobody ever said…


“The lines can’t go through, along, or outside any of the boxes or the rectangle enclosing them.”

I found this instruction confusing. If by ‘outside’ the boxes you meant beyond the outermost edges of the set, then you said nothing more than they should not go outside of the rectangle enclosing them, which would be redundant. Of course, if by outside you meant the line cannot be outside any individual box, the puzzle would be impossible on its face.


Wouldn’t it have to be two points?


I’d say you struck a chord, there, but then we’d be going round in circles…