Google discloses workforce diversity data, and it isn't pretty


That because they need to hire people that know how to use computers!!!

-ducks and runs fast-

(note: the joke made in this comment does not reflect the views of its author. any similarities to reality express or implied are simply a coincidence.)


Throws shoe.


I’d also be interested in seeing the age distribution of the employees.


This doesn’t tell us much unless we can compare it to the demographics of the pool from which they hire (which is mostly ivy league comp. sci. programs, from what I understand).



Presenting this data out of context bugs the hell out of me. Technical personnel at Google are software and hardware engineers. Without comparing this to the general pool of computer science and electrical engineering grads in the United States - let alone from elite colleges - then this tells us just about nothing. We should be very suspicious because the gender and minority disparity in tech majors is already a well-known fact.


Looking at the race section, it seems like Asians are way over-represented, blacks are way under-represented, and whites are pretty representative of the USA’s demographics.


Nuh-uh; white people are never under-represented, but everyone else is. Because, let’s face it, even if the Asian campuses are 100% Asian, they’re still minorities, right?

Oh. Uh.

I wonder if the Public Broadcasting Service has released a similar report, and if so, where I can get a copy. This taxpayer wants to know. Clicking through the executive staff, it seems like white people are overrepresented.


True. Or at least, it doesn’t tell us much about Google in particular, but might be a sample-size=1 reflection on the tech field in general.

I work as an engineer in the defense industry. I have not seen statistics but my ‘gut feel’ is we are pretty similar, probably more male since my first reaction was that Google’s ratio (1 engineer out of five being a woman) seemed pretty good. Where I work now I’m guessing 1/10. I do not think we have as strong an Asian population but we are headquartered in a different part of the country,

Ok, here’s the thing about Google vs. tech demographics:

They have this self-espoused philosophy etched into their mission statement – “Don’t be evil.” So, if they’re trying to change things for the better, maybe it makes sense that people try and, you know, hold them to that rather than maintaining a self-reinforcing status quo?

Otherwise, I suppose you could say if they had the same motto in 1860, they’d be using slaves, because everyone’s doing it, amirite?


It might tells us that we need to do a better job of encouraging women and minorities to become members of the hiring pool.


If they find that their demographics are within a reasonable error range of the pool they recruit from, then there isn’t a change to their hiring practices that wouldn’t be doing evil. It would be grossly immoral to disadvantage an applicant based on their race or sex.


The trouble is that we can’t expect to see results on a time scale shorter than a generation.

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Google: Not So Multicolored.


Google is racist and sexist


White and asian males are well represented in the recruitment pool.

The data don’t tell us which it is.


Show me an engineering undergrad class that is even remotely like the population as a whole and I’ll give a rat’s ass.

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The effort is still worthwhile, nonetheless.

I’d also be interested in seeing the age distribution of the employees.


I’m pretty sure that would be called “affirmative action”, and the amount of “evil” done by that is very much a matter of opinion. I’m in the negative amount of evil camp.

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Hmmm, reading through the comments so far it seems that hardly anyone is really bothered by Google’s hiring stats, skewed as they are.
Now what if it was Walmart…