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My shirts have always been non-iron cotton, in the sense that I’ve never bothered with ironing. All wrinkles fall out quickly with a little wear and humidity.


Everything is no-iron if you just don’t care.


The google thing is location dependent which is cool. Became clear to me after I did a bunch. Where am I physically and more via VPN. I did terribly in both. I have to remind myself - it’s not what I would google myself.


Fakespot finds 77.1% low quality reviews and company grade F for the travel pillow you recommended here a few days ago. One is already shipping to me - let’s hope it’s not junk.


The magic ingredient in no-iron shirts is formaldehyde.


The magic ingredient in no-iron shirts is formaldehyde.

I found that out when I wore a new pair of no-iron pants without washing them first. Thigh-to-ankle rash.

On the other hand, it makes sense. When was the last time you had to iron a corpse?

Do you want to use Google Autocomplete?

I only clicked on the link because I misread “Nippies” and “Nipples”. :frowning:

But then I misread “Feud” as “Freud” too, so maybe there is something going on with me.


I just ran Fakespot’s analysis on a local pizza place that I have reviewed on Yelp looking for a baseline “trustworthy” review score (was expecting a very high grade due to it being a local business that is genuinely fantastic)…lo and behold my own review was flagged as (first hit, no less) “inauthentic.” Surprised, because I have direct knowledge that I am not a fake reviewer, and sad because my review (which is a heartfelt positive review) is apparently now contributing to the business getting a ‘C’ rating in their system. I think their algorithm may experiencing some teething pains, particularly the “Reviews businesses with affiliation” indicator (the business is standalone and has no affiliations that I am able to discern). I let Fakespot know about this, but I have doubts that information will make much of an impact.


You algorithms would say that.


You fleshbots have a considerable amount of illogical hatred for your replacement algorithms.



Truly it is a miracle of the modern age.


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