Google purges some 200 bad Chrome extensions


Shouldn’t the title be, “Google is Burning Chrome?”


Well, I count zero of these extensions in my Chrome installs.


It’s reasonable to think that if an extension appears on their official site, that SOMEONE has looked at it even once. Well that’s gone to shit.

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And this doesn’t even count the ones that are malicious in a banal way, like popping up ad windows. I installed a popup translator app a couple weeks ago, that was handy because it let me highlight text and then displayed the translation in a tooltip instead of opening it in a new window… And about 2 weeks in, I started getting popup windows displaying ads from I was super confused, because they were completely separate windows from Chrome, with their own icon and everything. Took me ages to figure out where they were coming from.

How did you figure out that? What method/approach did you use?

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