Google releases Android encrypted DNS app that will help beat censorship

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If only they could stop those dastardly companies contributing to it in the first place.


I take it this app sends everything to the Google DNS servers? So they are the only ones able to snoop?

Looks like is the default, but you can change it to cloudflare or a custom DoH provider.


Am I the only one that finds this puzzling? Google censors information, and in turn supplies us with an app to avoid it? WTF!

You can choose any DoG provider. Camouflage is built in. You could run your own.

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Huh. I wasn’t planning to use DNS at all, but maybe it would be an option for locating named bootstrap nodes.

As far as I know, they only censor information when compelled to by a government. Giving people tools to get around that doesn’t seem out of line with that at all

Try DNSCloak if on iOS

So… Instead of sending DNS requests to lots of possible servers (that can be grabbed by governments), they’ll be sent to just one or two servers (that can be grabbed by governments).

Is this supposed to be better?

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