Google Walkout meets #MeToo in a new anti-arbitration campaign


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From InsideSources (sorry, won’t OneBox)…
Despite California’s New Ban, Mandatory Arbitration Reform Is Still Uncertain


Unfortunately, given the choice of whether to violate women’s human rights or corporations’ right to arbitration, we know which one far too many American’s would pick.


If you don’t like how they treat you, just don’t have a job!


See those signs saying, “Time’s up tech”? I think time’s not up. I think impunity will be with us a long, long time.


It’s not 100% clear, but it seems this campaign is only about forced arbitration in employment contracts, not contracts in general, right? I keep a watch for and routinely see forced arbitration (usually accompanied by no-class-action clauses) in all kinds of contracts, though mainly in EULAs and TOUs (terms of use). Those suck too, so here’s hoping those go away as well.


Don’t be afraid to negotiate, folks, especially if it’s a non-employment related agreement. A contract is signed by at least 2 parties for a reason! When the day comes that they are totally unilateral and truly “forced”, then we’ll have some serious problems, bigly.


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