Google wins decade-long book-scanning lawsuit



Google had proposed a $125m settlement in 2008. Its adversaries now receive an animated GIF of Gene Wilder from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

You mean Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the 2005 version.


That settlement is suddenly looking much more attractive :-/
PS: The schnozberries taste like schnozberries.


Good news, everyone! A rare win for fair use O(≧∇≦)O


Is Google still doing book scanning? Lawsuit aside, I thought they stopped the scanning project much like they stopped Google Reader because it wasn’t considered to be a core product.

I wonder how much money the Authors Guild has spent in legal fees on this, none of which they’re going to get back. If I were a dues paying member, I’d wonder what I’m getting for my money other than quixotic battles.

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It would fail to surprise me if they could have purchased, and demolished the hell out of, every windmill in La Mancha for less than the lawyers cost…

(In addition, the pill is doubly bitter because, while they didn’t like Google, Mountain View has obvious incentives to do things like steer viewers in the direction of buying, so they can score referral fees, and generally avoid doing blatantly illegal things; because they have deep pockets, while the people cutting and scanning new textbooks and similar hot-on-the-underground releases have precisely the opposite motives…)

don’t sell it if you don’t want me to have it. am i allowed to let someone read a book i bought ?. if i bought it, it becomes my property and i’m not only allowed but encouraged to photograph my property.

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