Google's A.I. is really good at recognizing your doodles


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It missed watermelon.

Did it think it was tRump’s smile?


I would have guessed watermelon, maybe I’m an AI? Oh wait, I sort of already believe that. What was it supposed to be, anyway?


Dude, it told you to draw a saw, and then told you it was a saw? Not a very hard test. I say defy our machine overlords! Draw Quetzalcoatl or Mount Rushmore or a plasmodium dividing.

@NickyG Sure you can identify the watermelon, but can you guarantee you can do it in a finite amount of time?


I dub thee Solitary Pictionary.


what’s even more amazing, it guessed my: a potato starting sprouts, a comb, crossed spoons, spearing a dolphin as it jumps the waves, & fire.

It also missed my watermelon. Google doesn’t like watermelon is my guess.


I wonder how long it will take 4chan to mess up the AI by drawing thousands of dicks for every prompt.


drawing thousands of dicks for every prompt would be time consuming alright.


I played five rounds and it guessed zero times, and got none right. My drawings were very close to those that it did recognize. what gives?


Finally I have a decent Pictionary partner. Is it just me, or does every game end with somebody screaming, “No way is that a f&*@#ng airplane, Janet!” ?


#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")


I see what you did there!


That’s not a saw, it’s a scottie.


I see monkey or lamp or pig or leaf I see fire or rain or sunny days I see loney times I see animal migration


I see now that this is going to be a lot like what people did to the Microsoft chat bot…



It got zero out of mine. Not even one! I’m a sucky artist, but I looked at the “ceiling fan” examples other people had drawn that it was supposed to be learning from, and mine looked almost identical.


It asked me to draw a kangaroo. Are you kidding me? Who doodles a kangaroo?


Me for one. And photograph, sketch and paint them (as well as BBQ and stew them) but there’s loads of the fuckers round here.

ETA: I got a baseball. Who doodles that! Cricket ball, yeah. But there’s only like, 4 people that play baseball.


Similar experience here. I suspect they have different implementations of the recognition algorithms and we both got one that wasn’t as good as the others.