Google's lobbyists go big on climate change denial, raise money for Inhofe & Competitive Enterprise Insitute

sea level is the sea level is the sea level … significant minority of single site sea level … agenda driven pseudoscience … good old Drug Warrior who wants to jail my friends … single bullet theory … steal their homes …

You’re crackin’ up, Nik. You’re crackin’ up.

I hear ya. To be honest, there’s not fantastic email options out there (they’ve been shut down by our authoritarian government as you probably already know), but it’s being worked on. This is a political-technological issue. That’s why donating to the EFF is just as vital (if not more so) than creating better email alternatives.

I’d keep an eye out here:

Inside the Effort to Crowdfund NSA-Proof Email and Chat Services


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For a second there I thought you referred too Nash the Slash


Yeah, it just burns my ass when I see all those climatologists buzzing around in their fancy cars with their fast women when poor, hard-working oil company executives have to get by on Kraft dinner and catsup. Those rich, playboy scientists will be the first up against the wall when the revolution comes!


Was looking at Open Mailbox but I dunno can’t find too much on it right now.

I mean I signed up for it (doesn’t require an existing email address for verification.) Annoying thing is the site keeps defaulting to french until after signup you go into the language menue.

Eh I’ll give it a month see if spam starts accumulating. Would like thoughts in another thread.

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You follow “Spread Truth / Destroy Denial” politicians. I follow data. “Truth” is a profoundly anti-scientific religious concept, promoted by a divinity major whose is also the biggest hypocrite in human history, witnessed by a view of his mafia movie worthy ocean view palace:

Wanting to “destroy” or “kill” your debate opponent is just psycho, but here you see the actual slick haired, steak eating, jet ski equipped yacht owning Vice President promoting that very outlook.

And chenille’s take on “Cowicide”'s posting of childish video clips is that he is making a fool of me instead of himself? The psychological projection here is as thick as smog. It’s all a kind of metrosexual grandstanding bravado, but mostly just pitiable group bonding. I’ve posted an argument today that stands for itself, being the only poster who ate Grateful Dead cook leftovers from Google’s cafeteria for a year or two, sleeping with your devil, two blocks from the NASA computer office that tarnished the reputation of our alma mater. But all you see is “AstroTurf” as you argue with official data plots and old NASA veterans and claim victory for posting a cartoon or two.

Now Cowicide posts about the NSA instead of doing something about it like I did back in 1994 as the PGP interface developer -=Xenon=-, seen here:!topic/

AstroTurf, eh? Old school cool, more like it! Always a bit ahead of the curve, calling out BS, sometimes patiently. My work helped popularize PGP enough to create awareness about the Republican congressional Clipper Chip dictate which were hardware backdoors meant to go in all personal computers! Now I’m raising awareness for another issue, merely.

Phil “Hide The Decline” Jones of Climategate infamy is currently basking in Saudi Arabia which he now lists on his research papers:

Who needs fast women when you have harems?

Wow. I take it you felt your scattering of picked data and quotes, insistence that all other sources have been corrupted, and various remarks about pseudoscientific agendas at NASA, hipsters who hate mankind, coding PGP, drug warriors stealing houses, mafia-style mansions, interpreting debate terms as death threats, metrosexual bravado, and eating leftovers weren’t enough to establish you as the voice of reason - so you decided to throw in some racism? Wow.


It’s a shame when scientific issues get politicized. Sure there may be debates as to the validity of a theory or idea, but it seems to me the arguing becomes disingenuous when political parties champion two different views. As seen here, both sides seem to be selective on what data they present and how, which leads me to distrust either of them.

Is there a good site where one can ask questions about climate change? I for one still have reservations about the extend of it being man made. From my interest in geology I’ve taken classes on the ice age cycle and how it helped form the earth as we know it today. (Like how this hunk of granite came to Kansas.) I know we are coming out of a little ice age, and it seems to me the planet warming up would be expected. I guess I am just not convinced that the changes seen and predicted aren’t “normal”.

I also have reservations that a lot of the data is speculative from simulations. I don’t think we know all of the forces involved in order accurately predict the future.

That said, I do support things like research into green and renewable energy. That just makes sense. I don’t like things like the carbon credit scheme. I think we should use our energies to adapt to the change, instead of trying to stop it. For example with the threat of rising sea levels. With the current levels as they are, we have evidence of settlements that are now under water. The coast line fluxes, and those who live there may at some point be forced to retreat, or engineer some grand solution to keep dry.

And as I close, I would just like to point out that in ~15,000 years from now everything north of South Dakota is going to be under a mile of ice. Buy up land near the equator, it will be worth a fortune one day.


You know, the only paper I posted a link to was one that Nik selected, so I don’t think you’re being fair in that at all. But let me please offer an alternative: Google scholar. (Yes, I’d prefer to pick something non-Google based, but I don’t know of any equivalent yet.)

Here you can peruse all sorts of papers on the subject - at least the abstracts, but often many full articles if you try at a university. It should let you see just how much evidence there is, how plausible it is changes are natural, and even estimates of the costs of fighting vs. adapting to climate change.

It may not be a great way of making things accessible to the non-specialist, but it definitely isn’t filtering things, except a bias toward stuff that passed peer review. I think you’ll agree that’s as non-politicized as you are going to get. See what you find.

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After reading this whole exchange, I’m pretty sure a shuttle-piloting dog has better odds of happening…



The Salon article cited (in very small print) by the petition states that Google, FB, and Yelp are working with ALEC to promote anti-SLAPP legislation.

Granted that ALEC does much evil – is it possible that Google et al are only working with them on this one, laudable issue? And that any funds are only spent on this issue? And if so, should they be punished for this?

My browser does not find “SLAPP” anywhere in this entire comment thread. Did no one read the article?

@synthnseq - David Rose’s original article in The Mail contained a large number of “inaccuracies”. Hayley Dixon’s in The Telegraph deleted some of the most glaring, but a fair few remained. For accurate information about the ‘hole in the Arctic sea ice’, and hopefully a good laugh too, please see:

Perhaps once you’ve got some facts straight we can then deconstruct the “Global Cooling” myth?

NikFromNYCeeeee said: …guys like Cowicide can only issue death
threats to try to intimidate skeptics.

Ha, I didn’t catch that part. Yes, Nik is right. I’m going to kill him to death with a phaser. I’m just waiting on a Star Trek phaser to be invented from a science fiction show any day now. I pre-ordered one for a mere 12.5 million dollars from

I guess this kind of lack of critical thinking and delusional, false-persecution complex is what it takes to come up with Nik’s climate denial fantasies. Well, that and an unhealthy dose of reading libertarian “think tank” drivel after getting loaded on whiskey shots with Ayn Rand’s ghost who partakes in sips of champagne for the hallucinated occasion.


Hmm, well. Seems Google actually did hold a fundraiser for that fugghead Inhofe, which is rather less defensible.

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I’d suggest RealClimate - you won’t find many climate skeptics there, but they’re all serious researchers who’ll honestly answer your queries.

ClimateProgress (part of ThinkProgress) is decidedly leftist, but they’re a good go-to for policy issues.

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Folks, it’s not that Google is lobbying to deny climate change, it’s that Google is giving money to politicians to do what Google wants.

Did all of you miss that? This article could have been written with a focus on any number of conservative causes. Conservatives are pro-big-business in the sense that they deregulate, remove taxes, and bust unions. THAT is why Google is lobbying them

The down side for Google of course is that these groups are also anti-immigrant, anti LGBTQ rights, and pro-net regulation.

If we wanted them to stop, we could let Googles immigrant and LGBTQ employees know that their employer is funding people who want to choke back immigration and destroy civil rights.

I disagree. You’ll never convince a troll to change but the bad information they’re spewing needs to be countered. Not to educate the troll but to educate others. There are several views I held strongly when I was younger that I now hold an opposite view because someone bothered to counter the views of those I use to believe to be true. It wasn’t an overnight thing but when there was an a constant stream of various views easily available, I was able to read them all and decide for myself. Allowing trolls to crowd out the discussion space with their rubbish means many who are silently reading only will get one side of the story. Trolls are unpleasant and quite often don’t even believe whatever it is they’re screaming but as long as they’re doing it, it’s important for their made up or cherry picked garbage be countered with well thought out and researched facts. It’s an exhausting process because making up garbage is easy while researching facts is time consuming but that doesn’t make it any less necessary.

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Has anyone posted the Vostok ice core sample data yet? You know, as in the results which show huge fluctuations in global CO2 levels AND corresponding temperature variations from 150,000 then 250,000, then 350,000 years ago. Which kind of man was resposible for those…HMMM?

Nobody has brought them up here, but they have been mentioned on the internet many, many times. Generally they’ve been cited as good evidence for the link between carbon dioxide and temperature - just like climate scientists predicted!

On the other hand the existence of natural changes, the very largest of which are drops of about 100 ppm over the course of tens of thousands of years, does not speak much to the origin of the current rise, which is surpassing that in maybe 1-2% the time. Anyone who proposes it can be accounted for by variations as seen in Vostok is either ignorant of the vast difference in scale, or hoping their audience is.

By the way, are you going to comment on your nonsense here, or are you hoping we’ve forgotten? Because it’s only been a day.