Gordon Moore, 1929-2023

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Does that mean Moore’s Law can finally be repealed? I’m due for a computer upgrade in a couple of years and like Tim Allen on Home Improvement I want “More Power!”. My robot army is not going to build itself with the resources I have now.


No. Now it becomes more powerful than you can possibly imagine.




It has been winding down for a decade or more.

Sort of.

A while back the time span went for a year to 18 months to two years. Then it stopped being performance doubling, and went to transistors doubling (and to be fair that was what had been driving higher performance, but we ran out of things to throw transistors at that gave the same level of benefits, plus we started having problems cooling that many transistors in increasingly small spaces, and voltage leakage got harder to manager). Doubling transistor count is still happening (although time between generations has gone way up – Intel has been stuck at 10~7nm for most of a decade although competitors have gone from 10 to 7 to 5 over that time period and in theory are doing 3 this year-ish). Doubling transistor count is helping GPUs directly, but CPUs have not be able to keep up the old year over year growth (Apple is the closest to doing it, and they are also driving power down year over year – but the M1 to M2 was “only” about 15% to 20% faster, although that at least is a real world gain taking into account that the M2 makes a lot more heat and is more likely to thermally throttle – in the 1980s or 1990s that kind of year over year gain would be laughable, but in 2023 it is state of the art).


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