Gorgeous and fascinating look into the science of animal schooling

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Thanks Andrea, wonderful info.


Humans do the same thing - they should spend some time watching a bicycle race peleton from an aerial view.

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Quite a long time ago I saw a simulation in which each “bird” was a very simple cellular automaton, programmed to stay just so close to its neighbors, but not too close, and to conserve momentum. Without any top-down program, the flock behaved very much like a real one.

Also, doesn’t a really huge flock of birds look like a menacing space amoeba?

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What? No comment about Trump voters? Of course, most of them don’t seem to have a lot of schooling.

Some murmurations can seem menacing, others far less so:

It’s interesting how fish using their side and tail fins to swim/steer and birds using their wings and tailfeathers to fly/steer, that the spacing is perfect to allow for locomotion; guess the ones that bumped into everyone got hurt/eaten and so evolutioned out?

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