Gorgeous original composition made in Super Mario Paint

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Actually, that isn’t composed in Super Mario Paint (the 1992 classic Super Nintendo creative game by designed by the incomparable Shigeru Miyamoto) but rather Mario Paint composer, a music editing program based off the music composer in said Super Nintendo title.


I fucking loved mario paint. My best friend from childhood (yeah, this kid, of course) and I used to spend hours making animations, pixel drawings and music in it. We also built a lightbox out of a discarded piece of plexiglass, a few 2x4s and a cheap florescent under-cabinet light, and would take turns drawing frames. They were all tanks and planes blowing things up, or pornographic, but again, that was the age we were, and I learned a lot.


I let my daughter play Mario Paint on the SNES the other day.

I thought she’d call it old and stupid, but she loved it!

BTW: You can get Mario Paint on Amazon for $1, but the SNES Mouse will set you back about $50 (Yeah, won’t play without the mouse). Still cheaper than new!


Definitely the best Mario Paint song I’ve heard, but I don’t consider any song officially Mario Paint unless it contains the MEOW at some point.


I came here to nerdlinger out and make the same statement…only to find that it’s literally the first comment.

In case people are wondering, the software being used is pretty different than the actual Mario Paint music mode. Some of those sounds, like the “Ghost” and “Shyguy” aren’t in the actual game/software. Also…you can’t do nearly as many simultaneous sounds at once.

Mario Paint is probably the reason why I have a job in graphic design. I spent hundreds of hours there. I figured out that if you used a black and white TV, the actual values of the 11 color palette (plus the greyscale tones) were different, allowing you to do drawings with much more tonal variety. It was the only thing remotely like a computer I had access to in my upbringing, which made Photoshop feel much more natural when adult me gained access to a real computer.

Still, the song is well done.

Continuing the nitpick train…the SNES title is simply called “Mario Paint”, not “Super Mario Paint”. Don’t you people have fact checkers? Boy I sure hope someone gets fired over that blunder…


Chiming to say wooo! Mario Paint! I made a few tunes in my day and played them over basic animations made in the same game, you couldn’t save anything back then so I recorded them to vhs. I’ve still got them somewhere and a working vcr so I should probably dig them out.

(this is to be read in the voice of a really old man)

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