Gorgeous video of Paramecia infected with bacteria

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/08/31/gorgeous-video-of-paramecia-in.html


Video link for the BBS


That is some damn fine microscopy.

Makes me think given the variable focal plain and some machine learning, you could probably reasonably generate some point clouds for these.

And/Or machine learning the “upscaling” of much lesser microscopy to something at least as cleaned up as these are, my gutter water can be pretty dirty.

Now I want to search for water bears.


Read this as “paramedics infected with bacteria” and had to scroll back to check.

Paramecia rock.

Also, the German name for Paramecium rocks even more. And I rarely say that for anything outside of the fungi kingdom. Usually, scientific names are much nicer, and have the benefit of being understood everywhere.

Pantoffeltierchen? Yeah, might even fit right into the horror show spiel the guy’s voicing over the video. A little less like describing the night’s special, a little more like look out for the spooky home movie.

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Well, associations for German speakers are less slippery and more fluffy, and of course we’d prefer a attenboroughesque style of astoundedness to the slightly exasperated whisper in relation to thst gestalt of microscopic life.

However, I can literally hear where you are coming from.

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