More fun with Plugable's USB microscope

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Great images!

It’s also fun to look at kitchen stuff, like if you have steel cut oats, quick oats, rolled oats, oat bran. Rice is cool. Spice mixtures, different types of salt.

But thanks for sharing these, I love them.


Nice pictures. Here’s one of a close up on my vein…


In a similar vein, cuts are fun to image over time


You are aware that sounds… creepy… aren’t you? :wink:

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Nope - didn’t read it out loud and was a bit distracted by a scab on my arm, so was wishing I had a scope to play with right now…


I would say you’re a person after my own heart, but that sounds even more disturbing. Actually that’s a reason I should say it.

In another vein I suspect the magnification isn’t great enough to see amoebas or other fun critters in pond water. I do wish I still had access to a creek where I thought I’d found planaria but which turned out to be leeches. Those would be fun to watch under the microscope.


Ah, yes it is. I was going to say, I need one of these I think. I wanted to blow some big money and get one of those binocular microscopes that I always wanted for my kid. But these new images have me sold. That it is worth $35 and then some.

I had a microscope but the highest power never worked well. But the lower powers (50x -75x?) were enough to see rotifers attached to algae “hair” quite well. Amoebas might be too small (and clear) but there are a lot of other critters you can see. I think I saw a paramecium once.


Have you seen any Midi-chlorians?

I don’t know any Jedi.

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When shopping for usb microscopes I unwittingly learned that uploading videos of your sperm onto YouTube is apparently a thing.

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