Photos and videos of bugs and stuff with my USB microscope

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I have the exact same one. I got it for my daughter, but I think the whole family has enjoyed it. It’s really fun to drag it out and try on different things.

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If you want to learn a bit more about leaf miners (who doesn’t?) and other tiny arthropods, check out this blog:


I bought a generic “egg” microscope (something like this) a few years ago and it has mostly sat on a shelf collecting dust. It doesn’t help that the software is a wee bit obnoxious.

Also TIL millipedes are a lot less intimidating when you can quietly dismiss them as generic grubs.

This is the sort of stuff that the BB Shop should offer us (as opposed to that idiotic property investment ponzi scheme of the other day) if it wants to be taken seriously and actually make you guys some money. Surely you’d make more from this being there than from a flimsy Amazon affiliate link?


A lot of USB microscopes (and endoscopes etc) use the same interface as a webcam, and can be used with any generic webcam software.

I got this several years ago at @frauenfelder urging. It IS a decent microscope and very portable. I need to figure out if I can make it work with my phone for in the field. It certainly is a great scope for the money.

Not - do NOT use too much on your body. We are disgusting close up.


Poppy seeds are neat:

Eisenhower’s ear:


I agree, this is one of the more useful devices promoted here.

Even a hi-gain jeweller’s loupe is useful, though kind of hard to use if you need hands. But I have one and it made things very clear on a tiny electronic circuit. Soldering would have been another matter.

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Guess what I use mine for!



Some kind of plant that eats bugs by having them stick to it?

Close. Very sticky, but it really sucks when bugs DO get stuck in them.

These are the trichomes of a cannabis plant. The cloudy and amber ones indicates that this plant is ready to harvest.


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