Governments all over the world buy spy products that let them track and eavesdrop on global cellphones, especially US phones

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Jokes on them, no one TALKS on their phone any more. LOL.

The US has been spying on the mobile network for years, and likely everyone else’s networks too. Why the announcement to DHS?
I dont understand.

What else is the US doing that it needs to be told that it is doing? Do they know money laundering is funding “terrorists” that the US is “fighting”?

Anyone eavesdropping on my phone conversations is getting what they deserve. It’s boring for me.

Wow, that’s nuts. Not only that, check out this surveillance device shaped like a watch that Amazon will enjoy its thousands of customers hauling around willfully!

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“Wyden and some other officials say the government must do more to protect American cellphone users”

And while they’re at it, reign in their own TLAs a bit?

Yeah, I thought so.

I’m wondering if this is a good way to get more people into encrypted messaging programs like Signal, without sounding too tinfoil hat.

I mean, shadowy cyber criminals targeting phones to steal personal info or 2FA codes from texts still sounds pretty far out, but if it’s known to be happening thousands of times a year…

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