Grad Student's Critique of Grad School Goes Viral

The critiques presented here very closely match those which have already formerly been suggested by Jeff Schmidt in his book, Disciplined Minds. The reason why people need to care is that the meaning of consensus in science is at stake. If the PhD programs are simply designed to perpetuate the existing theories, and weed out the critical thinkers, then we have a very, very big problem on our hands here which will simply preclude advances on big questions in science through the rest of our lives.

Check it out …

Sounds bad.

Not one to TL;DR but I just knocked over a Taibbi wall of text and I need some dinner. I’ll read it later.

Bump, though.

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This is deeply troubling stuff, and it’s extremely hard to imagine how you’d stop the rot without starting from a blank sheet of paper.

For this reason and a zillion others, I’m pretty sure the blank sheet of paper is the way to go.

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