Graph of best-case/worst-case scenarios for smart home security, by xkcd


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which one of these two organizations is more devoted to keeping your appliance working and not getting thrown out into the trash?


that’s the tooltip joke!


I already knew this.

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Yes but now you have a 1-panel ‘splainer you can forward to your less tech savvy relatives* and you can get back to your coffee/heavy drinking faster.

*offer only valid for relatives who ask before buying.


Egads. How did you accomplish this wizardry?


Well, I often write in raw HTML when I’m on the Internets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(It’s easier than trying to figure out how to use the embedded-editor-of-the-moment)

<A href=“”><img src=‘’ title=“If they’re getting valuable enough stuff from you, at least the organized crime folks have an incentive to issue regular updates to keep the appliance working after the manufacturer discontinues support.”></a>


I’m not too worried.
After all, the “S” in “IoT” stands for security.


great minds think alike, and also me and that randall munroe guy evidently


What does the graph look like if your vendor qualifies as organized crime?


If you’re a developer/hacker yourself, the longer it goes on, the more chance it becomes a three-sided battle as you lose patience with the POS.


You, sir, are a wizard. I can tell because your whatever man has an intact left arm.


I’ve been worried since that Mr. Robot episode where the Evil Corp executive’s home was hacked.


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