Graphic biographies about famous Western artists


“Mmmmm… Bacon.” – Homer J. Simpson


My favorite moment from Tim Burton’s Batman:

I was a fan of Francis Bacon before I even knew who he was, although I was familiar with the earlier Francis Bacon. The earlier one was a contemporary of Shakespeare, and died after stuffing a chicken with snow in an attempt to prove cold could preserve food. So instead of being famous for freezing chicken he’s famous for freezing Bacon.


the man.

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I was expecting explicit stories about Frederic Remington

Maybe eventually the publishers will discover that artists existed who weren’t men, too!

I like this, but wish that it was either more inclusive, or else more honest about their limited focus. They have covered Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Paul Gauguin, and Francis Bacon in this series about white male Western artists. In Bacon’s case: One woman edited, another woman wrote the text, and a third woman created the illustrations.

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