Great 10-minute video about the history of movie poster design

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Does it explain why most movie posters use the same seven or eight lazy templates, and usually just one or two for a given genre?

ETA: I snark, but this was actually fascinating. Also, I forgot how snarky the Armageddon poster was.



Educational video.

The great thing with James is that he’s very intuitive and brilliant at getting non-creatives to buy in to bold visual ideas. He makes it all look easy, obvious even. By waving his thick metallic marker it may just seem like he’s simply explaining what’s there, but actually he’s breaking it down to simple components with simple explanations so that anyone can get what’s going on. He makes it easier for others to then sell on those ideas by using basic descriptive language that they can reuse. It’s something that I don’t remember being taught at design school … how to sell and “perform” your design reasoning in an articulate, yet approachable manner … basically having a good story for your poster.


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