Great deal on 500 sheets of paper

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Did anyone else think this was going to be about the blank book of “healthcare reform” from the White House?


Not worth the paper it was printed on.
Oh wait…




Hey Boing Boing, I totally love you guys. But maybe you could try pointing to more deals on sites that are NOT Amazon connected? I know, it’s not easy, and they tend to underprice so many other places, but I simply don’t plan on giving them my business any more if I can at all help it. K? Still love ya, thanks!


Know of any places that have as sweet a comparable deal for referrals?

Reads fine print: 1 sided paper

That’s why it’s half off price.

Has anyone heard from Steven Write, he owes me some dehydrated water he borrowed.


I ah… well… ummmm… no, not as such. Yeah… no. Got nothing.

I will take my ball now and go…

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What’s a good price for a pack of printer paper for these days? I usually just “borrow” one from work when nobody is looking. so I don’t know if this deal is any good.

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I glanced at the image before I saw the title and thought it was weird that Microsoft was releasing year-named editions of its productivity software again after going all in with Office 365.

That would have been a more entertaining pitch, “Summarised health care policy at a bargain price, just add a binder”

It’s a heck of a deal on 500 Moebius strips.


Sorry, I get all my paper from Dunder Mifflin.

I heard he was busy trying to fold his 1:1 scale map of the US.


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