Great deal on book about cognitive biases: You Are Not So Smart

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Sounds interesting. Not sure I buy the Brand loyalty one, but the rest sound reasonable.

Not every time. If you are one to do your research every time then no. If you rebought the same brand when you upgraded with out verifying it was the best bang for the buck, they yeah.

Anyway - this is a very good book. I still need to get the sequel as well as catch up on his podcast.

One of my favorite stories from the podcast was during WWII they were looking at returning B17s and B29s and trying to see where to armor them better. You can’t armor the whole plane, it would be too heavy. But they can armor some of it to try to keep them in the air longer.

The brass would look at the parts with the most bullet holes and want to armor those parts. Some egg head was like, "those planes coming back with bullet holes in those locations came back. Lets look at the locations that much have been hit to prevent them from coming back.

Fun fact - my godmother’s husband was the stereotypical “farm boy from Kansas” and an engineer in the Army Air Force and flew all his missions on B17s and B29s.


That IS a good story. Makes sense.

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I’ve been enjoying McRaney’s podcast for a few years now, but I never bought his book. It’s about time that I did…


But I like homework, and I’m not on Facebook…
Should I buy the book anyway to reassure myself that the time spent listening to the podcasts wasn’t wasted?

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It’s a really good book. I keep going back to it on a regular basis.

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