Great deal on laser landscape projector ($20)


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The attached photographs do not appear to be photographs. Has anybody actually seen one of these working?


Waste electricity and accomplish garish display?

Count me in!


Why put it outside, where only the neighbors can be annoyed by enjoy it? I’m puttin’ it in my kitchen!


I was wondering if I could use it indoors - or if it would hurt my eyes in my smallish coop. The house is no more.


I am going to annoy my cats and my wife with this! Also the neighbors.

Makes an excellent fuck you gift as well. For parents with children.

Anyone know the legality of making your neighbors house all blingied with sparkly laser dots?


Saw a few houses in our neighborhood with them this past winter. Pretty effective and gives a pseudo-floating 3D effect. But consider chaining them up as they have proven to be very tempting for wandering scrooges.

And as an added bonus,they can potentially bring down aircraft!




Howdy neighbor! Thanks for the light show! Want to see what I can do with the 40 watt laser diodes I got last Christmas?


Buy a set - every room could be improved by (usually temporary) laser dazzling blindness on entering.


You want a super disco bedroom, I want a super disco kitchen.


Free Lasik for squirrels!


Are those really lasers, or just pinholes? I would think that hundreds of lasers would cost more.


They are lasers but I’m guessing a just a single one for each color which is then split up using a diffraction lens. The lens should also have a festivity potentiometer so you can really crank up the good times.


I’ve seen a small version of these in Lahaina on Front Street. A few of the merchants have put them on the awnings above their doors or on light fixtures. I thought someone had glitterbombed the street, then the dots started to move.


Aw heck, Mrs. Old voices a resounding “No!” to the bedroom disco. Better luck to you and your efforts of culinary effect.


They look remarkbaly like the photograph – a landscape partially illuminated for day, a dusk sky, and night-time lights throughout the house, a large, awkward surely-its-not-proportionate laser project surrounded by an eerie yellow glow, and then dancing blobs of flat, lifeless green and red suspended in the air. All the preternatural illogic of a cyber-Thomas Kinkade, with the smarmy-joy sucked out and transformed into coherent light.


Maybe it’s the lasers or something, but they look to me like paintings.


I have. I wish it was anything other than a grid of red and green dots that just sit there. I haven’t been impressed when I see them, just, oh. Dots.


They make indoor ones, there was a kickstarter a few years back.