Great Firewall of Cameron blocks Parliamentary committee on rendition/torture


There is a difference though between sites blocked by the optional Nanny filter and sites like pirate bay or newalbumreleases that Virgin block completely. Both have well known workarounds, but at least you can just turn off the nanny filter.

Obviously you’d want your 7 year old to be shielded from the APPG site because who wants to have to explain their government’s rendition/torture to their kids? You’d best leave that to the school teachers who are more experienced in framing it in the proper way

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Virgin’s nanny filter has two controls, one for (presumed) NSFW sites and one for malware sites. The APPG site is blocked by the anti-malware side; I know this because I had the SFW filter switched off but the malware filter switched on, and it blocked the site. So, nanny in this case was trying to protect us from malware rather than “bad” ideas. So, not quite a case of “Think of the children!”


Who says there is a 7 year old behind the computer? What if the teacher wants to access it for his lesson tomorrow? It would be blocked too!

Also, there is nothing wrong in protecting people from malware, google does that too. But, a warning suffices, always. Censorship (as in complete and utter blocking) is unnecessary, even for piratebay.

If it’s illegal to download music, I still make a conscious choice to do it, and the ISP is not responsible for my behavior. If law enforcement can’t shut the site down then just let it be.


Protecting the little moppets is completely beside the point, and by now everybody should know that. The firewall blocks sites that somebody somewhere has deemed “bad.” You’re not allowed to know who, or why, or whether a request to unblock a site will be taken seriously at all. For today the censorship is benign and optional. There no guarantee it will be either, tomorrow.


I’m not saying this is what’s happening but I know if I had both the vested interests and the technological infrastructure necessary to ensure that the site was serving up malware and would therefore get blocked, effectively suppressing the story to all but the most determined, I’d make damn sure that happened. If that kind of subterfuge was completely opaque, above the law and part of my remit as an organisation, all the better.

Funny that the malware-creating criminal element that would normally go out of its way to avoid contact or confrontation with law enforcement would choose to target this particular website, of all the government websites it could target though, isn’t it?

…on a separate note, does anyone know where I can get a tinfoil hat for my router?

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Is it because it’s “our”* government?
Of course. Children should be raised to have absolute trust in the moral superiority of their own government. Start telling them that war and torture is bad only when they enter their rebellious teenage years. By then, “Call of Duty” will have taken over their education and they won’t listen to you, anyway.

Is it because it’s too terrible?
I grew up knowing about WW II and the Holocaust. I don’t remember how much I knew at what age, but by the time they got around to covering it in school, it was a matter of filling in the details.

And why would you leave anything like that to teachers? Sure, teachers have some experience in how “frame” a difficult subject “the proper way” - for the average child. Parents usually know their own children better, and parents are who a child who has heard something disturbing will usually turn to.

And, apart from all that, any seven-year-old who, while surfing the web unsupervised, is able to read that website and figure out what it is about, has my respect. Such a gifted seven-year-old has every right to be told things that you would usually reserve for the age group 10+.

* Well, technically, my government just looks the other way, they stick their fingers into their ears and hum loudly - in other words, the Austrian government is currently providing far superior lip service to human rights.


Was there malware?

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That’s called “Faraday cage”. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So sorry. Apparently I forgot to add the /s for sarcasm.


Apparently. Sorry, I’ll double-check my detector.

I’ve just read too many worse things that weren’t meant sarcastically. So if my response was unnecessary, forgive me for wasting your time, and let’s let it stand here for future visitors who take your post seriously and agree with it.

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On Reddit today, Pirate Bay co-founder “Shaggy”'s office:


Why is this system so stupidly defined such that you can’t click “Ok, I understand the risk” when a site is flagged for malware?

What good does it actually do to completely block it?

Here’s Chrome’s warning. It takes two clicks to get past, so you really can’t accidentally go to the site without saying you were warned. But you can get passed:

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To be fair, Virgin have two filters, the anti-porn one (which I keep turned off) and an anti-malware one (which I keep turned on).

This site is being blocked by the anti-malware filter, not the anti-porn one.

It may be that it’s been maliciously flagged as containing malware, but since I’ve seen similar false positives in the past with both Google and Malwarebytes on different occasions mistakenly identifying innocent sites as carrying malware, I’m prepared to give Virgin the benefit of Hanlon’s Razor this time.

I like. I like a lot. Also, nice show of how ancient laptops can still do quite some good work. (Assuming the photo is not similarly ancient.)

By heating the room?

That silvered fabric is for heat, not mind rays. Surely.

For heat, it will do a decent job for thermal radiation and limiting of air circulation. It may also be decorative. I would not bet much on its function as EM shielding; it is likely it will provide some attenuation, but how much across different frequencies would have to be measured and the layout as portrayed is ineffective.

We once decorated a friends entire flat in tinfoil, all the walls, for a UFO/Spaaace theme.
We bailed pretty quick. (Mind you, more than 10 people in a living (family?) room.

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I’m pretty sure it is being used as a Faraday Cage. This is the Pirate Bay, after all, which had pissed off governments in four continents, which gets raided by militarized police every few years, and probably hosts, or is suspected of hosting wikileaks files and the like.

He may be paranoid, but they probably are out to get them.

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Didn’t the same firewall block a League Of Legends patch because a few command lines had the word ‘sex’ in it?

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