Great Pyr stuck inside on a rainy day

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Jason notes on a rainy day
Nemo’s a stuck-in Pyrenée
“He’s a-blinkin’ and a-mopin’
And srsly a-hopin’
to get me outside to play.”

Dogs know that when wet-dog-smell mixes with wet-human-smell, all conflicts will disappear and there will peace among nations.


That’s a pretty good polar bear rug impression. At least he’s smarter than my dog— when she doesn’t like the weather in the back yard, she wants to go out the front door.


My dog tries to convince me to change the weather; on rainy days he lures me to the door and then looks up at me expectantly, like, “fix this!” rather than going outside for a quick pee.


Pyreneen mountain dogs (also known as Patous) are bred to live outdoors with sheep at all times. Their traditional role in protecting the flock from wolves and bears is somewhat redundant nowadays but a few shepherds still keep them on. I found it quite a magnificent experience, when hiking in a valley somewhere above 2,000 metres up, to suddenly notice that not all the whitish animals in the group were sheep.

I think it’s rather cruel to keep such a dog if you’re not willing to let it out in all weathers.

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I am a robobot calling out:



Real person. Love hiking in the Pyrenees. But you’re right about the judging.

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Even in light of your advice I think I will keep him.

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  1. Dog guilts me into going out on walk, in rainy weather
  2. Go on walk.
  3. Get back. Take off dripping jacket and damp shoes.
  4. Sit down.
  5. See 1.


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