Grifty "information security" companies promised they could decrypt ransomware-locked computers, but they were just quietly paying the ransoms

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My new company will come to your aid if your house is burgled. We will negotiate with the burglars for return of your stuff. Unless, of course, they are Iranian burglars - that would be illegal.


And the burglars love it since they don’t have to deal with those sketchy, dishonest pawn shops.


Mueller has cronies now?

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This is confusing without context. :thinking:

Soon, the email accounts that he’d set up for the imaginary attacker began receiving emails from anonymous addresses offering to pay the ransom, he said. He traced the requests to the data recovery firms, including MonsterCloud and Proven Data.

I don’t know if this part proves anything. Companies might send those emails even if they weren’t planning on paying.ransom. A response might leak some info on the ransomers. (Did they check the emails for things like tracking images?)

The context is in the article. It seemed like a weird non sequitor.

The grift encompasses people like former FBI director and Mueller crony John Pistole…

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RTFA?!? Egads man!

Welcome to the new cosa nostra. Same as the old one.

And for a modest additional fee we will negotiate protection from future burglaries. Did Proven Data and MonsterCloud think of that?

Proven Data’s Congionti and MonsterCloud’s Pinhasi both said they could not recall this particular case. “If someone is saying that we promised up front that we would be able to decrypt their files, I am certain that this is inaccurate,” Pinhasi said.

For me, this is a fair indication of how PD and MC legal teams will parse and jitterbug their way through all this, hence…

… could not recall
promised up front
able to

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